Girls Softball Senior Night


All of the Softball team comes together for one last team picture.

Photo of all the Varsity Seniors

Recently, Lincoln High School’s Softball team attended Senior Night on May 10, 2019. Another team that attended the event was Lincoln’s rivals, San Jose High. The event was a bit more special due to the addition of having the rivals being there in regards to the last game held at Lincoln. The event was very lively due to the many decorations that were there, such as: the various posters and balloons. One thing that the Seniors did before the event was making a big number and placing it on the “Monster Wall” in the outfield, as part of a yearly tradition. The team also had a dinner at Benihana before Senior Night began. One notable player who was there was, Kalea Kaui.

Lincoln had a successful 13-1 league record and did reach CCS, but lost to Watsonville High in the first game. Although it was a bitter ending to a successful season, there is still optimism for next year. Kalea Kaui, a Senior, said “ I think they (juniors) all could step up as leaders because the three captains we have are all leaving, and also we’re moving up to division B, so they all could step up.”

Kalea Kaui one of the three captains of the team along with Makayla De La Cerda and  Elizabeth Rayer, had a great season, but Kalea had a standout season with 43 runs and a 28 RBI. Kalea was asked what she thought of her last year at Lincoln. She said “This year I thought this was my best year, since I was a Senior and being Captain it gave me confidence and it led to my best year.” Then she said that the most memorable moment of the year was a game they had named, “Shabba llama ding dong” which was two players who are in the corner bases and one is batting, it was a race if the batter could run around the bases before the other two players reach the baseball. She said it was a great for bonding between the players and it was the most memorable moment of the season.  

Although Senior Night was a very celebratory event, it also involved a lot of mixed emotions as well. Personally, Kalea thought that the event was going to be a bit more emotional, but as time went on, she admitted to crying at the end, knowing that this was her last year at Lincoln.