Senior Class Welcomes The Sunrise With Their 2020 Vision


Senior Class of 2020 huddled up in a picture to commemorate their last year of high school! (Ms. Philips/Lion Tales)

On Friday August 23rd, many seniors were gathering to enjoy one of the last experiences of hanging out together for their final year. Lincoln Lions proudly were showing their support by coming to the football field extra early.

Once arriving to the event it was pitch black, a bit difficult to distinguish people’s faces, but you could see many crowds sitting down who had followed the advice of bringing blankets and having plenty of snacks to fill up their morning. As time started passing by, the sun started to rise and people brought out their phones to capture pictures with their friends. Within a couple hours, social media was blowing up with pictures from that morning. 

 At 6:45 am the class picture was taken on the bleachers by Ms. Phillips who later gave an announcement of who our new student advisor for seniors would be. The crowd was very enthusiastic to hear it was Ms. Neely.

Leadership must have been proud when they heard Ms. Phillips say that seniors had participated more this year than they had seen in a while. To the students disappointment though, there was no music provided by the school, therefore everyone had to play music from their phones. Leadership did although gladly provided food for students who had came early that day.

The senior class was prepared to complete their last year of high school by doing everything they can to attend these types of events!

Tania Cortes, Lisette Romo, Araceli Rojas, Nellie Hernandez smiling because they’re finally seniors now. (Jenny Figueroa/Lion Tales)
Sunrise at 6:10am on August 23rd, 2019. (Tania Cortes/Lion Tales)