Spirit Week 2019: Hyped Up!


During the third week of school Lincoln had a spirit week to start off the year strong. Many students at Lincoln complain that no one participates and that the spirit weeks are not creative. This weeks spirit days consisted of name tag day, tie dye day, jersey day, throwback class colors, and Lion pride. 

On the first day name tags were given out during brunch but not many students showed up to participate in the activity.  Some students manipulated the pairing of first and last names to create hidden messages. The ASB president Reuel Yang implied that “ The point of name tag day was for everyone to get to know more people. Some of us are shy or it is sometimes looked weird upon to ask someone you don’t really know for their name. So name tag day was for the students to put themselves out there and get to know more people.” 

The second day that was tie dye day and many students showed school spirit by participating. For tie dye day it was an easy to do task and was able to include kids who don’t have the money to spend on an elaborate costume. This day was fun for many students because they could express themselves by showing off their own DIY tie dye designs or through the way they styled their tie dye pieces. 

The third day was jersey day and there was a huge variety of jerseys worn by students. Some students choose to wear their team jerseys from Lincoln. Other students chose to wear sports jerseys from professional teams like the Giants or the Patriots. Days were students can appropriately show pride to sport teams are important because students are not allowed to wear sports gear unless told by administration. Students in San Jose Unified are unable to wear jerseys because it can pose a safety issue to students. Students can wear their own jerseys from Lincoln sports on game days which is allowed by administration. 

Throwback class color day happened on the fourth day. The class of 2020 was blue last year. The junior class was previously purple and the sophomore class was yellow their freshman year. The freshman class this year was assigned to wear their class color from their middle school.

Freshman, Leticia Sandoval explained how having throwback class color day wasn’t a problem because she had a class color at Hoover. It was hard to distinguish freshman since class colors varied and there was no single color to represent the entire class. The 2019-2020 school year ASB decided to change all the class colors. The color is supposed to represent the entire grade and not change. In previous years the color stays with the one group of students until they graduate.   

The last day was a Lion Pride Day. This was complemented with a rally during lunch to hype up Lincoln students for the first football game of the season. The rally also highlighted falls sports other than football and cheer. On this day students either wore their own Lincoln gear that belonged to their own affiliation. For example the water polo girls all wore their gear and showed up to the rally to represent the team. Other students and staff decided to wear blue and yellow to show school pride. 

By the end of the week the school’s environment seems to make a full 360. On this first day very few students participated and by Friday almost the whole school was in the quad getting pumped at the rally for the football game that night. Spirit week ended well and successful with many students looking forward to the football game that night.