Creative New Math Teacher: Ms. Doan


Ms. Doan's sidewall in her classroom with her picture on it. (Natalie Sierra/Lion Tales)

Lion Tales welcomes Ty Doan to the Math Department! Ms. Doan’s college schooling experience was attending UC Berkeley, a rigorous school with high expectations. She admits that even though she had a Master’s degree in Psychology, her greater desire was learning more about what she found challenging. She teaches math with a Bachelor’s degree in the subject. Here at Lincoln, she teaches her first year on Algebra 1 and Geometry. 

As a teacher, she expects her students who learned the concept to spread the message by providing help for others in Math Club, who is run by another math teacher, Mr. Chen. She smiled to confess “Not only mastering the content but also helping others in need,” is what she hopes to teach students in her class. 

Ms. Doan said that high school is more than lecturing and obtaining knowledge, but additionally a place for students to grow mentally and emotionally for the real world; learning how to balance time for friendships, relationships, and homework. If she would give advice to another new teacher, she would say to mentor for programs in Community Colleges. Learning techniques are essential for successful teachers, in her opinion. She is most excited this year to “teach the kiddos math to grow.”

Lion Tales welcomes Ms. Doan!