Lincoln Lion Tales gathered to interview 3 students about school so far. The students ` interviewed were Evan Forrest, Mason Fenster, and Antonia Madrid. I had asked them a series of questions involving school. So, I asked in an order asking Mason, Evan, then Antonia. First we asked “How comfortable are you in your classes?” Mason responded, “Very comfortable because I know everyone and the teachers are nice.” Evan replied,” It’s alright I just am laid back in my classes.”  Antonia answered, “I am semi comfortable I only have a couple friends in each class.”

The next thing I asked was “How are the classes different this year compared to last years classes?” Two of them said, “ It’s the same “ and Evan replied, “There is more work but I feel like every year you go on there is obviously going to be more work.”

The following questions were “Where do you think these classes will lead you? And Do you think these classes are important?” Mason said, “it’ll lead you to getting a good grade and it depends what classes.” Evan replied, “if you take advanced classes it will look good for college and not anything but writing and math sometimes.” Antonia stated, “You probably won’t use it in your real life and it won’t affect you.”

The first grading period is ending and these are some students opinions on the start of school.