Almaden Lake Welcomes Water Lantern Festival


The Water Lantern festival came to San Jose on Saturday October 5th, 2019. The Water Lantern festival is an event that donates to charities and non profits. There, you can purchase tickets that include entry to the area, a floating lantern kit, a marker, a drawstring bag, and a wrist band. On October 5th there were food trucks which indulged a vegan Mexican truck. As the days got closer to the event it became more expensive to purchase. Originally adult tickets were $30 and by the morning they were $45.

The company says their goal is to “to provide donation opportunities, generate awareness of the charity in the community, and maintain strong relationships with our charity partners.”

This goal created a welcoming vibe. The event was very family oriented. During the event they opened up a stage to let people at the event to share stories about why they attend. One talked about how in her home country there was a festival similar and another talked about how this is how she copes with the loss of her son. All stories were very touching.

When I tried to buy a ticket they were sold out but I decided to go anyways and see what I could do. The event took place at the Almaden lake. I was never asked for a ticket and there was even a table selling just lanterns. The lanterns were only $20 which is a way better deal than a $45 ticket.  So even without a ticket you could still participate.

Overall, The even lasted from 4 to 9 pm. The lanterns were released around sunset. The view was beautiful. There were hundreds of floating lanterns. After an hour and a half after sunset those who bought a ticket helped clean up the lanterns. Then those lanterns are recycled and used again.