Club Profile: Lincoln’s Youth Led by Christ


The location of the Youth Led by Christ Club takes place during lunch every Thursday in room 204 in the main building. (Tania Cortes/Lion Tales)

Lincoln’s Youth Led by Christ club meets every Thursday at lunch upstairs in the main building in room 204. There, the club’s leaders greet the new and old club-goers with pizza and a new lesson plan for that day. The club leaders, Senior Jacob Richardson, Sophomore Joy Haythorne, and Senior Alaina Harren, always make sure to start the club with a smile on their face and plenty of enthusiasm.

Lincoln Teacher, Simona Konegen has been an advisor for the YLBC club for 13 years. When asked if she enjoyed being part of YLBC, she went on to say, “I enjoy being part of the club although I don’t lead it.” We also had the chance to ask her if she had learned anything from being in the club for so long, in which she replied, “Something great about this club is watching the people mature so students will help lead as sophomores and watching them get better at it.” Ms. Konegen also went on to tell us how, “Not everyone that goes to the club has an active faith, but what I notice is that they are still very respectful towards the leaders who are speaking.”

Ms. Konegen enjoys spending thirteen of her years advising this club. (Tania Cortes/Lion Tales)

Lincoln’s Lion tales also had a chance of interviewing one of the club leaders, Senior Jacob Richardson. When asked about his time at the YLBC club, he went to on to tell us how, “I’ve been a part of this club since my freshman year, and I’ve also been an officer since my Sophomore year, and now I am the vice-president. I think being part of this club helps reinforce my identity since I am a Christian, and it helps me in a way to stay connected to my beliefs.” We also had the chance to ask how the leaders manage to plan out their lessons every week, in which he replied, “We hold leadership meetings every Monday where we talk and plan for either the week of or start planning for the lesson for the week after.”

In the club, it usually begins with everyone sitting down and getting relaxed with a slice of pizza on their plate and the club leaders beginning off with a prayer. After, the leaders introduce their lesson for the day and begin to go over the bible and the stories contained within. But it isn’t always the same. On occasions, the club leaders will try and change things up to make the club more fun, while still being able to continue on with their planned lesson. By the end of the lesson, the students have enough time to relax, grab another slice of pizza, and speak to other club-goers!

While this club seems like it’s only for students who attend church or believe in a certain religion, it actually welcomes everyone to come learn and hang out! So don’t forget to stop by room 204 every Thursday at lunch to check out and enjoy the lesson that’s been planned out!