Lincoln’s ‘Halloween Haunt’

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  On Wednesday October 30th Lincolns’ ASB hosted a ‘Halloween Haunt’ at Lincoln. This spooky event was filled with carnival games, food, and a haunted house walk through. The walk through, or haunted house was located in the main building, it was fully decorated. It consisted of dressed actors that would pop out and ready to scream. If you wanted to play games or go in the haunted house had to pay for tickets, the prices varied by your age group. ASB had a variety of fun games such as cup knockdown, what’s in the box, hungry hippo, and the clown. If you won the game or gave effort you would get a prize which was candy. A few clubs and programs were selling food, Robotics club was selling egg rolls, Girls Basketball was selling boba, and Tennis was selling hot chocolate. The limited time Halloween carnival at Lincoln was an outstanding success! There were long lines for the ticket booth and haunted house.  Lincoln student, Isaiah Avila, said “The Halloween carnival was really fun, it was scary and the mini games were really fun.” To sum everything up, the people who went were astonished by this amazing carnival! Everyone would definitely come back.