Where Does The Money Go?


Lincoln has multiple fundraisers a year in order to raise money for the school, but many students and faculty have recently been questioning where that money goes. Each club has their own trust account. The clubs can choose how to spend their club’s money, whether it is organizing a field trip or going to a competition. 

If a club does not have enough money for an activity, however, they may be lent money from ASB, which raises their money from activities like the student bank and Lincoln sports games. Skills U.S.A., for example, wanted to compete in nationals, but did not have enough money within their trust account. “As ASB, we all voted and decided to lend Skills U.S.A. money,” Danielle Elizabeth Wellman says, “With this transaction, we filled out a form so that as Skills U.S.A earned their money through their activities, they could slowly pay us back.” 

According to Leadership, two of the most popular events that help clubs and electives raise money are pizza and boba sales. Leadership has recently organized a new event this year, the Halloween carnival. It has helped ASB raise a significant amount of money. 

Flow chart depicting the cycle of donations (created by Michelle Lu)

Key Club is a service association that often hosts fundraisers and service projects. At school events, Key Club sets up tables as a way to gain donations. Since Key Club is also associated with children charities, most of the money they receive goes to the charity or to paying the club’s dues.

As for performing arts, each department (dance, band, choir, etc) have their own boosters, and are active online. “We have music boosters that overlook the entire music department, including: orchestra, band, choir, and mariachi,” Ms. Jan, the orchestra teachers, says, “Much of our funds come from the boosters. They cover many things, such as the costs of our instruments.”  Orchestra also hosts many fundraisers and sales, such as selling Frosties, holograms and hosting the mattress fundraiser with band and choir. The money orchestra fundraises individually, though, allows them to go on field trips and pay for concert attire and consumables, such as shoulder pads for string instruments. 

Different classes and clubs host different events and sales either individually or as an entire department. Regardless, we can rest assured that our money has gone to genuine and proper causes. Some of the money earned allows clubs and classes to extend their education by going on field trips and gain more experience. Others use the money to pay their dues and benefit the student body in other ways.  “Clubs essentially fund themselves to raise the money necessary for their activities,” Hewitson said. “That’s the way it has always been.”

PS. Special thanks to Journalist Laiyla Santillan for interviewing the class members with me.