AirPods pro review

The Airpods pro came out October 30 succeeding the Airpods and the Airpods 2 and for the high price of 250 dollars. That price tag does in fact come with new features and a new design. Starting from the case there is a new design instead of being tall it is more wide than tall but it’s about the same size. The earbuds themselves also had a change, the stem got shorter and they have a touch sensitive piece where you can do anything with your songs and switch between transparent mode and noise cancellation, they also have silicon tips which provides better sound and makes the experience better.  

There are many good things about the new AirPods pro. They have tranpersany mode now which make it possible to actively listen to your music and everything else very clearly. For example if you’re in class and you want to pay attention but listen to music you can. Another pro is the earbud has noise cancellation which normally come with big bulky headphones and the noise cancellation actually works. What also makes the experience better is that you can test the seal and how good the tips fit in your ear and you change the tips with the ones they provide which overall provides a better experience. 

With good things there comes the bad. Some people say that they look now aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as the other AirPods while others say that it’s better because they are smaller. Also the way that they feel in your is different because of the silicon tips some people think that it makes the earbud better because it cancels out more noise and has a tighter fit while people are saying that it worse because it might not fit in their ear as well and feels like it is going to fall out. Another problem people have with them is that if you lose all the provided tips you can’t replace them with a normal ones they have to be apple witch sucks. 

Overall are they worth the price tag. to others no they think that the normal AirPods work just as good and they don’t need all this new stuff. For the people that already have them they think it super cool that they have all these new features. So in the end it’s all up to you.