Lincoln High School as of Wednesday December 4th 2019, started a new method to discipline tardy students, The Trap Room. According to Tiffany Kloeppel, the assistant principal “the last week alone, almost 50% of Lincoln’s students were late to at least 1 class. Students do not learn if they are not in class and they need to be on time.” We asked her what the punishments are for going into the trap room. Ms.Kloeppel replied with,”When you get sent to the trap room, you meet with an attendance liaison and they go over your grades and attendance.”


The trap room is made as a deterrent for being tardy students are scared. Students do not want the punishment and it is being very effective. People seem very interested about it and want to know what goes on.  All that you do in the trap room though is talk to counceralers about why and how many tardies you have. They also give you work from your classes and you have to do them even though it does not relate to your class and if you don’t you get marked down in classes to show some sort of punishment. 


We decided to go further into detail and interview one of the many students that consequently ended up in this trap house, Jose Cruz Moreno. We asked him how does it feel to be trapped. He responded with saying “at the beginning I felt nervous and scared and the people there said that you cant listen to music or be on your phone and you have to work on something if you don’t have anything then they will give you stuff to do”. We else happens to the trap room he said “all they do is counselors just talk to you about your grades and attendance and why is this happening.