“Spencer” shines and captivates the viewer

Matte’s vision vividly captures the emotional last few years of Princess Diana’s life


Kristin Stewart as Princess Diana

It’s difficult to see Kristen Stewart as anything other than Bella Swan from the iconic “Twilight” movies but recently she was cast to play the late Princess Diana. In this portrayal she gives a different perspective of Diana’s life during the breakage of her marriage with Prince Charles.

There’ve been countless movies and TV shows where actresses have been cast as the late princess, yet none of them have captured Diana in the way that Stewart did in this film. She embodied her in a way that many actresses haven’t yet, from every move, whisper, and even the way she tilts her head down was amazing to see coming from Stewart. Stewart showed the privileged side of her that isn’t shown much in any other interpretations. We got to see and understand the pain that Diana was going through during the last few years of her life. 

This film had an artistic way of showing the struggles that Diana would go through. She was used for the cameras and had to suffer alone. During this time, Prince Charles was having an affair and Diana found out about it. The film focuses on the breaking of their marriage and how much control they all had over her. Her eating disorder was touched upon as well and how much the affair affected her deeply. She was truly suffering when she was under the watch of every security guard Britain had to offer, she had no liberty to be who she wanted to be. This film did a fantastic job to be different while still truly showing who Diana is and what she stands for.

The director, Pablo Larraín Matte, had a clear view of how he wanted the characters to help capture those emotional scenes that would show her emotions. The symbolism behind every scene was placed there for a reason. Scenes of her running in a big grassy field with orchestral music in the background gave a sense of freedom and inspiration. The selection of the filter, music, and placing of each thing in the film is sensational. The film had a golden yellow filter over it, and at the end, it was removed because she felt on top of the world, particularly the music choices for it. Throughout the film, they chose to use pure instrumentals, but at the end of the film, they choose to use “All I Need Is a Miracle” by Mike and The Mechanics, and I feel they did the right thing by doing that since it symbolized Diana gaining her independence from the Royal Family. 

 The ending of the movie felt very freeing and gave the viewer a sense of hope that everything would work out for Diana in the long run. She died in 1997 about five years after when the movie was set. She was in a car crash that left her and two other men dead. Her funeral was televised and was viewed by 2.6 billion people around the world. The director decided not to include her death because he wanted the film to focus on her marriage as well as the love she had for both of her kids. 

She touched so many hearts across the world and left millions of people heartbroken. She wanted to change the world and make it a better place. She wanted freedom and independence. Her position as princess in the Royal Family was very noticeable and it showed how much she craved having a normal life without the stress and the responsibilities of being in a position like she was.