“Mr. Mercedes” is the perfect villain

Stephen King frightens and captivates readers


Book cover for “Mr. Mercedes”

Something that peaks a lot of people’s interest is true crime, and serial killers. The novel “Mr Mercedes” is perfect for that, while being fictional, it is absolutely brilliant.   

During a time when Stephen King was obsessed with true crime, he has shown how truly interesting and brutal it can be. The pace is set perfectly to portray a serial killer slowly losing it all while also showing how a detective can be so resourceful in order to catch him. It shows how people can unintentionally shape a person into a monster. 

Following a brutal murder of eight people at a job fair involving a Mercedes. The main character, a retired detective, is missing the good old days of busting down doors and catching bad guys. He has also been contemplating suicide as his family is not near him and he is all alone. If both of those things weren’t bad enough, a case that still haunts him comes back to life as the “Mercedes Killer” begins to reach out to him. I found this part amazing as it shows how failure can truly haunt someone for years to come, especially when it involves the loss of life.  

The point of view then switches between the “Mercedes Killer” and the detective to give the reader an amazing perspective of the events. The backstory and events that led up to such a person make you realize how much abuse and trauma can affect a child and their mental stability. I felt this was a very important subject that most don’t tend to touch upon, the huge impact parents have on children. Overall, I absolutely loved this book and gave it the highest rating I possibly could. The slow unraveling of the true identity of the “Mercedes Killer” has the reader on the edge of their seat the whole time.