The day of love is here

This writer asks, which type of love though?


Valentine’s Day. The day of love, kissing, cuddling, fancy dates, chocolate hearts, and red roses. If you don’t have a significant other, then you are lame. You end up spending a day eating away your feelings out of depression of not experiencing this special day with a special someone. At least that’s what greeting card companies and romantic comedies want you to think. 

In reality, this is not the case for a lot of us out there. The thing is, it’s not all about spending this time with a significant other, or spending a lot of money on gifts, or even eating a single piece of chocolate, it’s about love. So if Valentine’s Day is about love, shouldn’t it include all different types of love?

We all love someone, whether it’s a friend, parents, grandparents, guardians, siblings, or even that aunt that gives you advice on your drama…or causes your family drama. Why not spend this special day with them, appreciating the important people in your life? We all have different dynamics and relationships with the people in our lives, but the bottom line here is that we should expand our horizon on the definition of what Valentine’s Day actually means.

A new tradition that some people adopted into their lives is Parks and Recreation’s “Galentine’s Day” that takes place on February 13. Galentine’s Day is when all of your female friends show up to spend a day together in celebration of all of their gals. With Parks and Recreation’s effect on media and society, it gives people with romantic and non-romantic relationships a new way to celebrate the day of love.

You also can’t mention a day about love without mentioning the pets that we love and adore. If you have a loving relationship with your pet, why not spend even more quality time with them? They would love it and you would get that unconditional love that we all crave. 

Most importantly, I think Valentine’s day can be the perfect day to grow and learn how to better love yourself. Spend the day in a warm bath with a bathbomb, face mask and all. Even sleeping in or taking a nap, taking yourself out to eat, or watching that show you’ve been meaning to watch are all great ways to give back to yourself. 

Do what you feel will restore your energy and help you gain more love and sympathy for yourself. As Donna Meagle says in Parks and Recreation, “Treat yo’ self”.

You deserve it.