Top Ten Remixed Songs


Soundcloud(Melissa Blasquez/Lincoln Lion Tales)

  1. Up All Night (Skream Remix)- Alex Clare
  2. Habits (Hippie Sabotage Remix)– Tove Lo
  3. Stay (Branchez Remix)– Rihanna 
  4. Ridin’ Solo (ARVFZ Remix)– Njomza
  5. Pity Party (K Theory Remix)- Melanie Martinez
  6. Wanderlust (Snakeships Remix) – The Weeknd
  7. Bludgeoned to Death (Mantis Deathstep Remix)– Suicide Silence
  8. Stressed Out (Antma Remix) – Twenty One Pilots
  9. Strangers (Lookas Remix)– Tove Lo
  10. Carousel( KXA Remix) – Melanie Martinez

The originals of these songs are great, but through editing and different pitch, tones, and even different music, the songs are transformed into a different version, in which the meaning and feel can change for the listener, depending on their mood. “Up All Night” by Alex Clare originally sounds somewhat upbeat, with a bit of rock influence. In the remix, the song is taken and twisted into a mysterious sounding story, leaving out a few lyrics from the original, changing the theme and giving it a suspenseful feel. Number 2 on the list does a bit of the same, leaving out a few lyrics to change the perspective but overall telling the same story, but emphasizing certain lyrics more by using repetition. Both the original and these versions of the songs are great, and depict different through the editor and original artists differing creativity.