Halloween & Dia de los Muertos at Lincoln

On Tuesday, October 31, Lincoln High School really showed their Halloween Spirit! Leadership captured the school’s attention with their quad decorations. Which were orange and black balloons, posters, and a Halloween banner in the quad.

There was also a teacher costume contest, the awards went to Mr. Aguniga, Mr.Pomposo, and Mr.Kim! Students also participated in a Halloween cake walk where if their number was called they won a prize! There was also a ‘Guess the Amount’ candy jar where the closest guess won all the candy. Students enjoyed looking at each others costumes on Tuesday. 

But Halloween wasn’t the only day Lincoln celebrated. On Wednesday, November 1st, was Dia de los Muertos or “Day of the Dead”. Lincoln honored the dead by celebrating and selling food to the students, there was also dances by folklorico, and a musical performance by the Mariachi Band.  Students were able to buy cultural food, being sold from different clubs on campus. Some of the items sold were churros, chips and salsa, nachos, pan dulce, tamales, burritos, horchata, and candy.

An activity students were able to be apart of was using pipe cleaner and tissue paper to make a butterfly. The butterfly is significant to Dia de los Muertos because they are believed to be the ones who carry souls of departed loved ones to and from Earth.

Both holidays at Lincoln were enjoyed and a fun experience. “Can’t wait for next year!”, said Leadership member, Gabriela Aguayo.