Behind the Curtain: Theater Tech

Has it ever crossed your mind about what goes on behind the curtain of a show?  How do the lights change to match the scene perfectly or how the props are made? These things are not done by themselves.  All of these things are done by Mr. Manthe’s 4th period Technical Theater class.

They spend weeks putting together shows, they even designate one  Saturday to work on lights and props. Being in Tech Theater allows people to interact and build relationships with many people.

For each show that is put on at Lincoln High School each tech member gets assigned a job. Some people may work costumes. And others might be working lights, sound, or props. Each of these things are important for the shows.

Costume and Deck Crew:

Deck and Costume crew are responsible for what goes on stage. All the sets you see on stage was built and set in a specific area by deck crew. The place everything carefully so that the actors in that scene will have easy access to their props. Sometimes if the show consist of multiple set pieces they will have to bring it on stage during the show. Deck crew makes some appearances in a lot of shows. Rather than wearing all black like the rest of the tech crew they dress to match the show, so that when bringing up props they look like they are supposed to be there.

Costumes put the finishing touches to the character being played. The costume crew spends their time during shows organizing and giving the costumes to the correct person. To be apart of costume crew sounds easy at first, but it is not. 42nd St. for example had an abundance of costumes that needed to be sorted through. Sometimes some costumes would not fit so the people working costumes had to alter some of them.  They also have to fix wardrobe malfunctions. At the end of the shows, costume crews job is not over. They have to put each costume piece on a hanger and in the correct box and send them back to where they were rented.

Lights and Sound:

These people, unlike the costume and deck crew, work in the booth. Lights and sound crew usually consist of about 2-4 people. It is a small group of people. However what they do is vital to many of the shows at Lincoln High school. Sound is in charge of handling the microphones along with the music.

Parker Katona a freshman in Technical theater said “Working sound can be difficult sometimes, however I really enjoy doing it. It is something I definitely want to do in the future.”   

When working in lights and sound, you are working with computers and lights and sound boards. It takes time to completely understand the way they work so that they do not break. The equipment is very expensive and costs a lot to fix.

Each group comes together and put on the show. Each and every single one  of them has an important job when it comes to putting on the show. They take the time after school and on weekends to work on the shows. Tech theater is a great way to be a part of Lincoln High School. It allows you to build friendships with students at Lincoln.