Lion Tales Favorite photos From 2017-2018

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These photos are some of my favorite because they really exemplify what Lincoln is all about: sports, culture, performing arts and unity. My favorite photo is the photo of Tlaloc Flores performing in the Cinco de Mayo celebration because I feel the performing arts program of Lincoln is what sets us apart from other high schools.

Sports, and in particular football, is a driving force for Lincoln in my opinion, so the football photos I selected are very meaningful. Winning Big Bone this year for the 18th year in a row was extraordinary. The photo of Gavin Florence holding the trophy really shows the emotion that the players go through in this tradition.

Lastly, art is a large part of Lincoln’s culture and the photo of Marisela, Selah and Cielo sharing their art pieces shows the hard work and dedication that the students put into their portfolios.





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