OPINION: First Football Game Ever!

A German who went to her first football game in her entire life

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Hi, I am Jenny. If you do not remember me, I am a German exchange student, and also part of Lincoln Lion Tales, which I am really proud of. At the end of August Lincoln Lion Tales published my comparison of school in Germany and America, so you should definitely check that out, if you didn’t do so. But however, last weekend I went to my first Football game, ever.

The football stadium of Stanford College on September 8, 2018, at a short break during the football game against USC (Jennifer Schwarz / Lincoln Lion Tales).

My cousin, with whom I stay with, went to USC for college, so he and his family are huge fans. Just as it happens, there was a football game against Stanford University on Saturday, September 8 at Stanford University, only 20 miles from San Jose, and of course we went there. Everything was pretty interesting there, and I was totally fascinated.

On the Friday before the game we went to the Union Square in San Francisco, where the band and USC’s cheerleaders had a little performance. That was already really cool, especially because we don’t have cheerleaders in Germany. I have always seen cheerleaders and song girls in American movies, and I always wanted to be a cheerleader as well, so it was really cool to me to see them in real life. Also the band was pretty exciting, because they did not only play their songs, but also had different moves and formations.

Before the actual game on Saturday, we had a barbecue at a parking lot at the campus. We met a lot of people; friends of my cousins, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends. It was really interesting, and to be honest I have to say, that that was a “typical” American afternoon, which means, it was how Germans think, Americans are. But it was pretty fun and for me it was an interesting cultural experience. After that barbecue (which included a lot of meat by the way), we went to the actual game.

Before that sunday, I have never seen a football game at all, not even in tv, so I did not have any idea, how that game works. The only thing I knew before the game was, that it is a fast game, which I can confirm now. During the game I kept understanding more and more, and as more as I understood was going on, I liked it better.

The performance of the USC band in the halftime break of the Football game against Stanford University at September 8, 2018. (Jennifer Schwarz / Lincoln Lion Tales).

While I started to like football, the halftime break was probably the most exciting part. Already during the game I was pretty impressed of the bands and the song girls and their little “performances,” but the performance in the halftime break was even more impressive. It was so fascinating to see a Marching Band for the first time.

They not only played their songs, but also walked around and made different moves, just a little bit like a dance performance too. That was so impressive and it really fascinate me, because I am in an orchestra to and I know that it is already hard to play the right notes. And then by heart! And while walking! I could never do that. And I kept watching it, there was not a single person who did not know, what he was supposed to do. It was a really professional performance, and I really admire the band members.

The football stadium of Stanford University on September 8, 2018, during a football game against USC. Stanford won with 17 over 3 points (Jennifer Schwarz/ Lincoln Lion Tales)

However, that weekend was a really cool experience for me, even when USC lost, and I will never forget it. Also I have to say, that I am already very excited about the first home game of the Lincoln Lions, and to see their Lion Pride Pep Band!


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