Lions Win The Mt. Hamilton Division of BVAl for The First Time In Lincoln’s History

Lions will play Big Bone, not CCS playoffs.


Lincoln Lions smiling for team picture. On Friday the 2nd Lincoln's Football varsity team went up against Piedmont Hills . The final score was Pirates 21- Lions 48 (Anastasia Cervantes / Lincoln Lion Tales)

On Friday November 2 the Lincoln Lions went against the Piedmont Hills Pirates. The game was held at Piedmont Hills and started at 7pm.

The Pirates started  off the game with a touchdown making the score 7-0.

Lions fought back with touchdown made by number 28 Isaac Juarez, Score 7-7.

The Pirates fought back with a touchdown, score 14-7.

Number 23 Gabe Florez makes a Lions touchdown, score 14-14.

. On Friday the 2nd Lincoln’s Football varsity team went up against Piedmont Hills . The final score was Pirates 21- Lions 48 (Anastasia Cervantes / Lincoln Lion Tales)

Number 28 Isaac Juarez for another touchdown, score 14-21.

Number 25 Josiah Villegas scores a touchdown for the Lions, making the score 12-27.

Halftime score 14-27 Lions in the lead.

Lions coming back form halftime strong with a touchdown made by number 2 Adam Arenas, score 14-33.

Number 28 making the final two Lion touchdowns of the game  score 14-41 then 14-48.

Pirates make the last touchdown of the game.The final score was 21-48.



Here ar some pictures of the game:

Although the Lions will not be playing in the CCS playoffs, they will play the Big Bone game against San Jose High, as is the Thanksgiving tradition. This will be the 76th consceutive game between the two schools. Coach Collins says “its a tradition we’re not going to break.” Here are what some of the players have to say about that.

Number 23 Gabe Florez said “Obviously everyone wants to compete for a ring, but Coach Collins leading us to a league title and saying no to CCS is fine with me. Growing up and watching big bone, it was always my my dream to play in front of everyone. I’m fully behind him on this.”

Number 9 Brent Grantham said “I really wanted to do what was better for us as a team and I feel like CCS was that. It would have shown off our talent more than Big Bone, and given us a challenge.”

Number 16 Alejandro Martinez- Loera said “Big Bone is a tradition that’s been here form many years and that’s what Lincoln is all about- tradition. Although hosting a CCS game here would be nice, Big Bone is a tradition that can’t be broken.”

Number 28 Isaac Juarez said “Honestly I’m not disappointed with his decision although it would be a good experience to play in CCS, … I’m fine with the whatever as long as I get to play with my teammates.”