Digital Photography Students’ Work Showcased at De Anza College


Lincoln Digital Photography and Art students’ work is displayed at “Ancestral Journeys” at the De Anza College Euphrat Museum of Art. (Anjanai Vallez/Lincoln Lion Tales)

Lincoln digital photography artists worked all the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year to be showcased in “Ancestral Journeys,” an exhibit showcased at De Anza College in collaboration with Silicon Valley Reads 2019. The central theme of the art pieces was to reflect on ancestry and identity.

Lion Tales went to the reception to check out the student artists’ work alongside other local artists. Beside a glass kimono and a set of digital photo projects, there was a monitor revolving the digital art made by Lincoln students. The student artists’ work consisted of photo collages paying homage to grandparents and homelands. Much of this artwork displayed flags, old pictures of grandparents and family members and maps or pictures of neighborhoods. 

The event was held at the De Anza College Euphrat Museum of Art and the exhibit will continue to be on display until March 21st. On March 7th there will be a drop-in art activity “Ancestral Trading Cards.”  All events are free so drop by the Euphrat to support your friends and peers!