Lincoln High School’s Steps 2019!

On Friday the fifth of April and Saturday the sixth, Abraham Lincoln High School’s dance classes and teams performed in Steps at the Mexican Heritage Plaza in front of family and peers. Friday, the first show, began at around 7:15 p.m. and ended at around 10 p.m. On Saturday, they had two shows; one at 3:00 p.m. and one later in the evening at 7:00 p.m.

There was a stupendous of dance styles and genres varying from cultural dances from south of the border of Folklórico to modern day hip hop. Every dance performance had their own way of captivating the audience’s attention.

With a these many dances, there obviously was also a large amount of people and groups going up. From the beginning dance class to the Convertibles dance team, and from the beginning Folklórico dance class to the Xóchitl Cultural dance team.  

Lincoln Lion Tales asked Edward Evangelista, a junior in the advanced dance class, how he felt about Steps. He says, “I really enjoyed it, I had so much fun. I love dance and it encouraged me to think about maybe joining a dance team here at Lincoln.” He was also asked if he thought more people should join dance, he said, “I think they should, it really is such a fun thing to do and it makes you more social.”

Lori Medina, a junior in beginning Folklórico, mentions, “I had such a good time. I feel like it’s one of those high school memories that just stick to a person, you know.” When asked the same thing about whether or not more people should join some type of dance class or team, she replied with, “Yeah, I think more people should, it’s a good experience and even though it can be challenging sometimes, it ends up being pretty satisfying.”