PHOTOS: Graduation Goodbye To Our Senior Class Of 2019!


Senior class of 2019 walking onto their future. (Anjanai Vallez/Lincoln Lion Tales).

As the 2018-2019 school year comes to an end, we give our final goodbye to our class of 2019. Some will go off to college, join the military, or commit to the workforce; either way, Lion Tales could not be more proud. Lion Tales has enjoyed fawning over their cars and envying their spirit, no other class could compare.

Our seniors graduated on June 5th, 1:30pm at our local Rose Garden. Parents were overjoyed to see their kids walk the stage and grab their diploma. You could hear the blow-horns from miles away and see the massive amounts of confetti and balloons taking over the Rose Garden. 

Lion Tales interviewed Daniela Najera and asked, “If you could choose one word to describe how you’re feeling, what would you say?” She replied with “I feel proud.”

We also asked Cynthia Uyoa, and she said, “I feel accomplished.”

Graduate shaking Mr. Hewitson’s hand (Anjanai Vallez/Lincoln Lion Tales).
Josiah Villegas walking down the isle (Anjanai Vallez/Lincoln Lion Tales).
Jose Magana, San Jose board member for District Area 2, speaking at graduation (Anjanai Vallez/Lincoln Lion Tales).
Ilyaas Sugal, one of the valedictorians giving a speech (Anjanai Vallez/Lincoln Lion Tales).
Student waving to family and friends (Anjanai Vallez/Lincoln Lion Tales).
Student walking the stage, shaking hands with Jose Magana (Anjanai Vallez/Lincoln Lion Tales).
Graduate smiling (Anjanai Vallez/Lincoln Lion Tales).