Lincoln Lions Football Jamboree


Lincoln's field before our first home football game, later in the night the stands were full with people coming to support their players. (Kevin Gonzalez/Lion Tales)

On Friday August 23rd, 2019, Lincoln’s JV and Varsity football teams played at the jamboree which was located at Gunderson High School. A jamboree is a practice match which is held between different schools and occurs every year for the purpose of the players getting a taste of what to expect in the upcoming season. The Lincoln Lions went against three teams; starting with Gunderson, next with Pioneer, and finally with the bulldogs of San Jose High. Lincoln’s Varsity team went on to beat both Gunderson and San Jose, but tied against Pioneer. 

While this wasn’t a real game of the season, that didn’t stop the lions from giving it their all and playing their best. While most of the people that were there were from Gunderson, the Lions could still hear the shouts of other fellow Lincoln students who had come to support their fellow classmates. Many of Lincoln’s cheerleaders had also shown up and were in the back cheering the Lions on during their games!

When asked about expectations for this upcoming season, 3-year Varsity senior Chris Gomez said, “I hope that since we are a young team, people will step up, have fun, and play to our fullest potential.” Another Varsity player, senior Carlos Medina, said “I hope that the team this year is like last year’s, we have big shoes to fill.” Another Varsity player, junior Devon Solis, said “My expectations for this season is that our offense will do good, but our defense will do even better.”

While the season for the Lions is just starting, that will not stop them from giving it their all for their first home game of the season against Silver Creek on Friday, August 30th. Last year the lions lost to Silver Creek, but this year the team is as excited as ever to go out there and repay the favor. When asked which team he was looking forward to going against, Athletic Director and Football coach Kevin Collins said, “I don’t set my sights ahead. I see only the path and right now that’s Silver Creek.”