Lincoln Lions vs. Willow Glen Rams

40-6 for a JV win and 6-20 for a varsity lost. Last Friday, August 13th, 2019. The Lions played the Willow Glen Rams. JV again took another win, but on the other hand, varsity lost.

Lincoln Lions kicks off to the Willow Glen Rams. After a hard drive, the rams got the first score of the game by running it in the score 7-0 lincoln losing. Even after the end of the first quarter the score remains the same and nothing really happened. The start of the second half Lincoln reviewed later the ball was stripped from lincoln hands and revered by willow glen. The game stayed the same until the 4th quarter where things started to get interesting. #28 from the Lions gets a Lions their first touchdown but they did not add the field goal the score 6-7 with the Lions just a point away. Willow Glen scores again 6-13. Later #3 from Willow Glen picks the ball and scored a touchdown 6-20. The final score stayed 6-20 with the Rams taking the win.