MLB Postseason Update


Image taken at Dodger Stadium during the 2019 NLDS. (Gio Quezadas/Lion Tales)

October indicates the beginning of the spooky season for most. But for baseball fans it’s the beginning of the postseason, and the race to the World Series. Each game causing more anxiety than the other. 

As of today Friday the 11th, six teams have been eliminated and four remain. Sadly of those six eliminated teams; two of them were some fan favorites of students and faculty at Lincoln. The Oakland A’s and the Los Angeles Dodgers. I was unable to interview any A’s fans, but I did interview some Dodgers fans. 

I spoke with English teacher Mr. Madden who has been a die-hard/ enthusiastic Dodgers fan since he was six years old. When asked how he felt about the Dodgers early exit from the playoffs, Mr. Madden said, “When you watch as many games as I watch, either on TV… or live at the games, you come to feel more than connected [to the Dodgers organization]… I still take the games that I watch,… the managerial decisions seriously. They make me celebrate and they make me in this case, after the recent NLDS results, anguished for days after the events have happened. And that’s just something I can’t control feeling. Obviously I’m not going to lash out, my behavior’s not gonna lash out in public; but, inside I keep it to myself and it frustrates me to a new level.”

I also asked him if he had any predictions for who would be crowned the World Champion, and he commented, “I don’t care to comment, not because I don’t like the question, only because I could care less. I have become bitter, and any kind of talk about any kind of baseball games past the NLDS, after the results, only reminds me of the recent failures. And to quite frankly put it, choke job that the Dodgers exhibited in the NLDS… My answer to you is, I don’t care. I am completely indifferent towards this topic.” 

I then spoke with senior Richie Young and also asked him how he felt about the Dodgers loss; Richie said, “… it was going good at first, and then it was just so bad at the end. It was mixed emotions.” He also commented that “I think Dave Roberts has to go. His bullpen calls are always subpar in the postseason… they need a new manager that can make better decision because the players carry the team, and with a bad manager, you’re not going to win a World Series.” 

The NLCS will feature the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals in a best of seven matchup to secure a National League spot in the World Series. While the ALCS will feature the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros in a best of seven matchup to secure an American League spot in the World Series.

The NLCS begins today, Friday, October 11, and the ALCS begins on Saturday, October 12. You can see the NLCS games on TBS; and the ALCS games on Fox or FS1.