Harry Styles dazzles at SAP Center


Maria Bojorge

Harry Styles on stage 11/11/21.

The feather boas, cowboy hats, leather pants, sparkly outfits, and heart-shaped sunglasses adorned every single person, highlighting their confidence in a place where they can be whoever they want and feel completely safe.

Love On Tour is the second world tour by Harry Styles in support of his Grammy-nominated album, Fine Line that came out in December of 2019. The U.S. tour started in Las Vegas, Nevada, and ends in November, later this year… In between all of that, on 11/11, Styles made his way to San Jose, California, more specifically the SAP Center.

I would have to wait to see the main attraction however but was treated to the opening act of singer/songwriter, and actress, Jenny Lewis. She arrived on stage, and her holographic glitter dress was the first thing that captured your eyes. She then captured our hearts with her alternative country and folk music, which perfectly complimented Harry’s music and set the tone for the night. She sang six songs and ended up leaving the stage with the biggest smile on her face while being escorted by someone wearing a dog costume with an inflatable beer.

 Between sets, the pre-show playlist started again and the crowd went crazy when “Olivia” by One Direction (Styles’ former band) started playing.  At one point you hear people scream and we’re all looking around wondering what everyone is going crazy for. All we could see was people pointing at a rectangular black box being rolled under the stage and that’s when we knew we were all in the same room as Harry Styles. 

The third verse of “Bohemian Rhapsody” was playing not long after, “Let him go!” was all that was heard before the lights shut off once more. Amazing blue lights illuminated on stage as well as around the venue, all of our hearts were thumping out of our chests, and the instrumentals of the song “Sweet Thang” by Shuggie Otis started playing. The lights shut off and the band started walking up on stage which only increased the cheers in the room as well as everyone’s anxiousness. The music stopped playing and the jumbo screens started flashing colors with outlines of bunnies as Styles’ voice was heard for the first time through the speakers. “Golden” started playing as he rose up on stage and roars of screams filled the building. Seeing Harry for the first time ever is such an overwhelming feeling and I went into shock the entire night. So much happiness and tears were in the room that night. I felt like a proud parent watching the person I’ve admired for the last 10+ years having the time of their life up on stage dancing like no one is watching being completely who they are and loving every single second of it.

After he played “Lights Up”, he interacted with the crowd and talked to a few people, even responding to a few signs that fans made. One, in particular, was a fan asking him to help them come out. Styles prompted the crowd to go bananas, telling the crowd to start with very low cheers,  and to get louder and louder until everyone goes crazy. That’s exactly what happened. The ground shook with all of the screams and claps and Styles pronounced, “Rejoice! Freedom for all! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your moment with us, go forth, and conquer in your life of freedom!” 

A couple more songs played after the interactions and no one was ready to go home yet. “Treat People With Kindness” was the next song and the SAP Center turned into a dance party. This song was a very special song in this show because not only was Styles running around wearing a pink boa to match his sparkly pink shirt and fuschia pants, but he was running around the stage waving a pride flag in the air. 

After the song ended, “What Makes You Beautiful”, a One Direction song, started playing and filled everyone with nostalgia. This moment ended when he started playing one of the saddest songs he has, “Fine Line”. The place was lit up with lights once more and for the first time, all that was heard was the guitar strum and his voice. It was a scene out of a movie and enough to make someone cry just by the sight. “Sign of the Times” started playing right after and a mirrorball came down from the ceiling reflecting light and filling the room with a warm glow. Two more songs were left and when the last song was playing, “Kiwi”, it was drum-filled mayhem. During the song, fans were throwing water on Styles, he eventually got his revenge on them. In the middle of the song here it’s just the instruments playing, he threw his water at them soaking the entire front row while red and white lights were flashing. This was the perfect ending for the show.  

Rainbow bunnies danced on the jumbo

Neon bunnies dance on stage at the end of the show. (Maria Bojorge)

tron as Styles and his band left the stage, with guitar picks and drumsticks being tossed into the crowd, and before I could process what was happening

 “Stockholm Syndrome” by One Direction started playing which felt ironic as no one wanted to leave. 

The floor was full of glitter, feathers from the boas, and confetti. 

The entire night was a night that no one would ever forget. 

The show might’ve been shorter than what was expected (only about two hours), but it was worth waiting two years in order to spend the evening with the person who has brought so much positivity and happiness into my world. I’ve found many versions of myself as I grow with him and is definitely someone I would want my kids looking up to someone like him. I definitely recommend going to a Harry Styles concert in the future. The vibes and the atmosphere were an experience that needs to be felt and seen.