Game of Tiaras coming to the Black Box

Game of Tiaras is coming to Lincoln’s Black Box Theater from Sept. 12-19.

Spoiled rotten princess drama, comedy scenes, one kingdom, and a whole lot of fighting is what keeps these characters at each other’s throats– survival of the fittest! 

Game of Tiaras is a spoof off of a popular TV series called ‘Game of Thrones’, using Disney princesses. The play was scripted by Don Zolidis. ‘Game of Thrones’ is essentially about royal families fighting over a kingdom, so the parody is that princesses are trying to get one castle all to themselves. 

Here’s a rundown of the show:

The kingdom is split between Belle, Cinderella, and the “Snow Queen”. Belle gets kicked out of the kingdom. All the princesses are in one big war against each other.

Lion Tales got a chance to interview one of the play’s busy actors, Christopher Kemske. Kemske is a senior and an experienced actor from Lincoln’s advanced theater group, BITCO. Lion Tales asked about Kemske’s role in the play and he informed us that he is playing the role of the Blood Packet Guy, a side character that throws red streamers at the dead characters.

“That was not the original role I wanted; I actually wanted to play the animated snowman,” he said. Kemske admitted to Lion Tales that he is very excited that Game of Tiaras is going to be shown to an audience and he especially likes that it will be hilarious.

Tickets for opening week will cost: $11 adult – $9 senior – $9 student – $8 kid

On the weekend (Friday/Saturday) tickets will be: $13 adult – $11 senior – $11 student – $10 kid

Remember to buy tickets before they sell out  Buy tickets at or call 408-676-7469.