Honor the Game Sportsmanship Conference Inspires Student Athletes

Honor the Game Sportsmanship Conference Inspires Student Athletes

Twenty-four schools in the BVAL league met at a sportsmanship meeting at Gunderson High School on Sept. 18.

Each school was represented by multiple athletes, one from each sport the school offers. Once everyone was there, they were divided into two groups.

The first group discussed being the right athlete, which means having the right mindset, putting in effort, staying calm on the field, and following the acronym D.R.E.A.M. D stands for determination, R for respect, E for effort, A for attitude, and M for mentality. This discussion made people in the group feel good about themselves as student athletes.

In the other group, students discussed movement: moving the right way and stretching the right way in order to avoid hurting oneself. Ten people were then called to do squats, but only three people could do a proper squat.

Afterwards, everyone watched two videos about how this generation is not moving as much as past generations and the toll technology is taking on us. In the end, the conference seemed to be inspiring for the representatives, who will pass the information on to their teams.