Why are you stressing?

(Nancy Estrella/ Lincoln Lion Tales)

Homework: school assignments that a student is required to do at home. Students start getting homework during their early years of school, and it gets harder and more is given as the students enter higher grades.

In high school, it gets harder. Students are given tons of homework and are required to have it due the following day. Students have up to seven classes and they get homework for at least half their classes. It causes them to have stress, doubts about school, and sleep deprivation.

Lion Tales asked some students, “How do you feel about homework?” and these where there responses:

Gianna Zades (10th grade) said, “I usually go to sleep at 1 am in the morning doing homework and when I come to school the next day I am so tired and it’s difficult to stay awake during class”.

Cherriel Paz (10th grade) said, “Homework makes me feel stressed and I feel like I never have time to rest because I get home and right away need to start doing homework so I’m able to go to sleep at a good time.”

Laura Reyes (11th grade) said, “ Not only do teachers give me homework on the weekdays, but also weekends. That just keeps me from having time to be with my family. I already give so much time during the weekdays to school and I look forward to weekends so I can relax but I can’t anymore.” 

Do you need help?

Here at Lincoln there are things that can help minimize the stress. There is the math club where you can get your math homework done fast and with help. The math club consists of a group of dedicated students who have volunteered their time to help their peers. The club is held Thursdays after-school in room p-109.

In addition homework center is provided where you can get help in all your homework not only in math but all subjects. It is in room 13 in the main building it is held every Monday and Tuesday at 3:15-4:15. Everyone is welcome to both math club and homework center.