ALHS Graduating Class of 2018

Lincoln Lion Tales would like to congratulate the class of 2018 that will be attending colleges in over 20 states and 3 different countries. The ceremony began with Lincoln High schools band and the Class of 2018 was welcomed onto stage to pomp and circumstances. There was two speeches given by Hazel Stange and Mariela Esquival Morales. Susan Ellenburg, President of the Board of Education, accepted the class of 2018. The reading of the names was given by Iliana Perez and Nuno Luz.

From stressing about assignments and trying to meet all the deadlines, it’s coming to an end. All the hard work that the Class of 2018 put in is paying off. Not only did the students of the class of 2018  learn about Math, science, and english etc they learned life lessons during their time at Lincoln High School. We look forward to seeing all the success that is to come their way. Goodbye and Good luck!