Spider-Man: Stuck at Home

Prom-posal gone wrong at Lincoln High School

Spider-Man: Stuck at Home

With prom quickly approaching at Lincoln High school many students are wrapping up their prom-posals including the school’s very own Spider-Man. Junior Matthew Botelho, decided to dress up as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man for his prom-posal but things didn’t go as planned. 

Botelho jumped from the roof of the cafeteria, landing on his butt before getting up and walking towards the person he was asking to prom.

The incident occurred after a warning was already issued to Botehlo when administration and several students in the main building facing the cafeteria spotted him on the roof. He got down from the roof during second period but went back up during brunch at roughly 10:30AM where he proceeded to jump. 

Bothelo was taken to the hospital to tend to his injuries, but made a post to his instagram informing his followers, “your boi is good nothing broken.” 

Students at Lincoln have shared multiple videos of the incident with one another, going as far as making memes of Bothelo jumping off the roof and posting videos of the incident to TikTok.