Looking for an October Break Destination?


Ariana Noble

This beautiful view of Angora and its famous lake September 11, 2018. (Ariana Noble / Lincoln Lion Tales)

Looking for an October break destination? Angora Lake is the place to go! Located in South Lake Tahoe with an elevation of 7,450 feet, it sits just below Echo Peak. In order to reach the lake, it’s a 15 minute uphill hike. Once you arrive, you’re welcomed with their small shop containing their famous lemonade as well as food, ice cream, and merchandise.

In the store, they have stand-up paddle boards for rent as well as kayak’s and rowboats. While the lake is a beautiful sight, they have multiple rocks you can reach and jump off of (even though not encouraged).

The most prized possession everyone takes home from Angora is a picture at the top of Echo Peak. It has an elevation of 8,894 feet, above Angora Lake and Fallen Leaf Lake. The hike takes an hour or two, hiking steep uphill following marked rocks. Once you’ve reached the top, most likely you will see snow and slippery rocks with an eagle eye view of Tahoe.  

Ariana Noble
Breath-taking view from top of Echo Peak, September 2017. (Ariana Noble / Lincoln Lion Tales)

When I was there, we stayed in a newly remodeled cabin and spent most of our time down at the lake. My friend and I took a kayak to a rock across the lake and jumped 20 feet down. It took us 45 minutes to build up the courage to finally take a leap of pure FAITH. If I had any advice to those who went, I’d tell them to purchase a lemonade and hike up to Echo Peak.