How to Deal with Stress


Anjanai Vallez

3 high school students (Ernesto Garcia, Isidro Vargas, Robert Correa) stressed for finals(Anjanai Vallez/Lincoln Lion Tales)

Stressed for finals? So are we, but here’s some tips that could help reduce your stress:

Avoid Caffeine:

Since caffeine is a stimulant, it won’t reduce your anxiety, it will increase it. If you need something to wake you up, drink black tea instead, it’s better for your body and has the same effect as coffee.

Time Management:

DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Try to complete your work ahead of time, this leaves time for you to study and focus on other activities. Don’t spread yourself too thin, overscheduling could also add to your stress.

Keep a Good Mindset:

What’s the use of thinking negatively in times of stress, it will only add to the stress. Try to stop yourself from having a bad mindset by replacing your negative thoughts with positive affirmations for yourself. For example, don’t walk into a class thinking you’re going to fail a test or quiz, walk in knowing you’re going to answer as much as you know.

Take Breaks:

Most teenagers attention span is short, so take breaks when you study. Focus for 10-15 minutes then take a 3 minute break, once it’s over, refocus yourself.

Stay Organized:

Having a clean “workspace” makes a difference. Clean your room, organize the papers in your binders, and know your schedule. This will eliminate losing papers in your room or backpack and if you’re already aware of your schedule, you’re one step ahead for the day.

Take Care of Yourself:

Taking care of yourself is very important, especially during finals. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night, eat breakfast in the morning and exercise! This doesn’t have to mean run a mile, instead attend a yoga class or meditate on your own, this calms your body down to reduce stress.


When you feel like everything is becoming too overwhelming(which happens frequently during finals), take a minute to breathe. Stop everything you’re doing and take a deep breath in with your nose, hold for a couple seconds, and release out of your mouth. Doing this multiple times a day slows your heart rate down and reduces stress.


Classical music is the best music for relieving stress but when that gets too boring, you can also opt for music with minimal lyrics or slow beats.