Lincoln Lunch Soccer Tournament Recap

Lincoln hosted its final game for their lunch soccer tournament on Friday 14, 2018. The game took place in Lincoln’s Main Gym, in which students would come inside to watch the game for themselves. The game started as soon as lunch began, and had ended immediately as the first warning bell rang. The tournament was first thought up of after the realization that there weren’t any lunch tournaments for soccer taking place at the school, unlike Basketball.

There were two teams playing: Lincoln Fútbol Club or (LFC) vs Eminencias. LFC’s players were: Zig Zobrano, Mario Apundis, Felix Sanchez, and Jonathan. Eminencias’ players consisted of: Diego Baca, Manuel Rivera, Yeudiel Orozco, and Elias Pedroza. The two teams were playing for the Lincoln Soccer Championship, and would be awarded with a trophy and some pizza from Ms. Perez. LFC were the winning team of the tournament that won the prizes mentioned.