10 Ways to Improve Your Life in 2019

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Looking for ways to start the new year off right? Here are some tips for a more successful 2019:

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  • Make some goals - You don’t need to make life changing goals, start small. Tell yourself to drink an extra glass of water every day or go for a walk after school to get some exercise.

  • Stay organized - Starting the new year off with an organized room or backpack could make all the difference. Research shows a clean space corresponds to a clean mind.

  • Create a Calendar(or weekly schedules) - Write down your plans for the week; this could include appointments, sports practices, family commitments as well as a work schedule. Many teachers encourage students to buy a planner, which allows you to keep track of homework, tests and quizzes.

  • STOP PROCRASTINATING - As easy as this seems, it’s the hardest to complete. Start off small, take some time after school to do some homework(even if it isn’t due the next day), and plan for the next day of work. Start writing your essay, take it one paragraph at a time, therefore the night before it’s due, all you need to do is proofread.

  • Be optimistic - This might be harder for those who see life as glass half empty, but again, take it slow. Every time you hear yourself say “I can’t do it” or “I’m not smart enough”, catch yourself. Turn negative comments and mindsets into encouraging thoughts, for example: “I can’t do this” turns into “I’m struggling now, but I’ll work at it until I’m able to do it.”

  • Plan ahead - Think about your plans after high school, does this include the military, college, or work? It’s never too early plan, prepare, and proceed with post graduation ideas. Again, start small; go on some college websites, contact some administrators, and research standards for different colleges as well as requirements and training for the military. Think about work once you graduate, consider the payroll and hours that are convenient for you and your schedule.

  • Commit to getting better grades - This could mean completing homework, studying more, and talking to your teachers. Teachers are there to help you succeed, don’t be scared to talk to them.

  • Compliment your peers - As much as this could make someone's day, it also makes you feel better about yourself. We all think of compliments, why not say one out loud?

  • Stay healthy - This doesn’t mean going to the gym twice a day or going on a strict diet, START SMALL! Begin your mornings with a glass of water and a nutritious breakfast, for example, make yourself an egg or some oatmeal, you’ll have more energy and stay satisfied until lunch.

  • Spend time with your family - Your family will always be there for you, show you appreciate them. Call your grandparents and say you love them, plan a day to have dinner with your parents, or send a letter to a far relative.

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