SJCC and Lincoln: Partners Providing Pathways During and After High School


Posters from community colleges and universities found in the Lincoln Center (Lincoln Lion Tales/ Sharilyn Munoz).

How can a Lincoln student benefit from a community college like San Jose City College? San Jose City College is a help to Lincoln. There has been ways that students have benefited from SJCC.

On January 20, 2018, around 90 students attended the SJCC workshop. The counselors reached out to SJCC to have them come to Lincoln to make it easier for students to be able to enroll and take their placement test. Representatives from SJCC come every year to help facilitate this process.

Margaret Isied, who was interviewed, believes that if the colleges did not  come to Lincoln, the percentage of students applying to community college would drop.

Around 40% of Seniors at Lincoln attend community college, Isied said. Out of that 40%, most students attend San Jose City College and Evergreen, the rest attend the other community colleges near Lincoln.

College week is coming up and the colleges come and inform the students about the different types of programs they offer at their colleges. This helps students decide which college they would like to attend depending on their interests.

She also thinks its great that they come because the colleges most likely give the students the help they need and students get to ask the colleges specific questions that maybe the counselors don’t have answers to.

Flyers and pamphlets from universities and communities colleges found at the Lincoln Center (Lincoln Lion Tales/ Sharilyn Munoz).

Counselors at Lincoln sent out flyers and reminds via text as well as emails to let them know when the colleges are coming to Lincoln.

San Jose City College has a partnership with Lincoln, Isied said. They offer Juniors at Lincoln a Mexican-American studies class instead of a normal U.S. history class. This class is a college class that students have the ability to attend while being in High School.

Juniors and Seniors at Lincoln also have the opportunity to take college classes. Students apply during their Sophomore or Junior year and take the college courses the next year. This program is called Middle College and students take 2-3 college classes and 4 high school classes on the San Jose City College.

Students have the chance to take a summer class at San Jose City College and one semester at SJCC counts as a year at Lincoln. Students can get extra credits in their transcript. The summer classes are free for high school students. These classes can be math, science, foreign language, etc.

They also have offer Career Technical programs or a transfer route for those who attend, as well as a other opportunities.

One of these opportunities is the “San Jose Promise.” Students apply to this program and if they qualify they can go to community college for free as well as books and free parking etc.

Ms. Isied believes that if a student does choose to take a college course, while being in high school, the student will get a perspective/idea of the college experience.