In Memoriam: Gail Actor Cahn


In loving memory of Gail Actor Cahn (1969-2019). Mrs. Cahn posing for a picture ( courtesy of Mr. Cahn's family for Lincoln Lion Tales).

During this 2018-2019 school year, a teacher at Lincoln High School passed away. Gail Actor Cahn was a Biology teacher. She taught 16 years at Willow Glen, 6 years at Kehillah Jewish, and 7 years at Lincoln High School. She was born on December 15, 1969 and died March 24, 2019. Mrs. Cahn died due to cancer.

She is survived by her husband Mark Cahn, and two children,  Tzvia Cahn and Omri Cahn. Mr. Cahn shared information about her life to Lincoln Lion Tales. He stated, “Gail was an intelligent, driven person with a sharp mind and wicked sense of humor.” To him she was the best life partner a person could ask for. Mrs. Cahn was a compassionate, firm and loving mother.

Mrs. Cahn cared about her students and wanted the best for them. A few words Mr. Cahn shared were, “Gail had a strong moral compass and truly felt all students deserve respect and access to the things necessary to help them be successful and better people.” 

To honor Mrs. Cahn, Leadership has decided to create a garden in front of the Lincoln Center.

The ASB President, Meghan Schroeder believes this garden will “Honor her and her memory with something she loved which was Nature and Earth and something permanent in the school.”