A Night Of Enchantment

Prom 2019


Prom 2019 at the Rotary Summit Center. (Jeffrey Nisihura/ Lincoln lion Tails )

On May 19th Lincoln held their annual prom at the Rotary Summit Center. The event started at 7:30 pm and ended at 10:30pm.

Ticket sales started April 15th and ended May 7th; prices started at $35 with ABS and $70 without ASB for the first week. Second week prices were $75 with ABS and $80 without ASB. Last week prices were $80 with ASB and $85 without.

The theme for prom this year was  “A Night Of Enchantment.” There were 570 students attending.

Appetizers, desserts and a churro bar with all kinds of ice cream were given. Doors opened at 6:45pm for students to take pictures at the photo booth.   

students had this to say :

Ali Garcia “prom was dope I got to dance with my friends for one last time…my favorite part of prom had to be the mosh pits and me getting picked up… one improvement I would make would be on the playlist maybe better songs,”

Ail Garcia at prom 5/18/19

Elissa Enriquez “ I had a lot of fun the music could have been better… my favorite part of prom had to be the photo booth because I had a lot of fun there… prom could have improved on the venue, it was too small for everyone to fit… it felt squished.”

Elissa Enriquez at prom 5/18/19