Senior Success: 3 Students Attending Private Colleges

As Seniors give their last goodbyes and teachers share the last of their advice, the 2019 class of Lincoln High School is graduating. Every student has worked hard to get into their desired college, or pursue the workforce and armed forces, but Lincoln is exceptionally proud of 3 of their students attending private colleges; Gianna Zades, Ilyaas Sugal, and Adam Henriques. We interviewed them and ended with the final question “Do you believe in the freshman 15 and do you think this will happen to you?” For those who aren’t aware freshman 15 is known as the 15 pounds all freshman gain when they’re sent off to college.

Lincoln lion tales interviewed Ilyaas Sugal, attending Brown University on scholarship in the fall of 2019. Out of every school he got into, he choose Brown due to their Neuroscience program, which he’ll be pursuing. When asked who helped him succeed, he said his family; they helped him research schools as well as writing his exceptional application. Sugal’s advice to students hoping to attend a private college is simple; “Put your whole effort in everything, especially your application.” His favorite memory from Lincoln was winning the big bone rally with his senior class. He describes his departure from Lincoln as “bittersweet” as it has become a influential part of his life. We asked Illyaas which teacher had the biggest impact on him and he said “definitely Mr. Chen. He’s the only teacher I’ve had for 4 years. He wrote me a letter of rec[recommendation] and taught me multiple classes and he recommended me to take AP capstone which taught me how to write research papers.” Ilyaas strongly believes that the freshman 15 will happen to him and says “I’m gonna get fat.”

Gianna Zades is attending Harvard University in the fall of 2019 with $48,000 scholarships, she choose this school because they’re “well known for their great academics, it’s a great university, and they have good financial aid”. She said that her mom and dad had “provided her with every opportunity to be successful” but it was up to her to put in the work. She says she has “always had supportive friends and counselors and teachers.” Her advice to those trying to get into private colleges is to “try hard on your essay because you can’t change your numbers. With the essays, they really get to see who you are.” She struggled to think of one single favorite memory from Lincoln but she shared her love for performing at football games with her convertibles team. When asked how she felt about leaving high school she gave the assumed answer; “I need to graduate now, I’m appreciative but I’m done.” She chose to commemorate her AP language teacher, Ms. Detra; she taught Gianna how to write and enjoy it. She also helped her write her college applications. She assumes that her diet will be healthy and the freshman 15 curse won’t be an issue for her.

Adam Henriques, attending Santa Clara University with a $20,000 scholarship answers our questions. He chose Santa Clara due to their pristine business academics, not to mention both of his parents also attended Santa Clara. He stated that a variety of people helped him succeed as well as the programs he was involved in and the people he knew. His advice for students is to “apply early action…private schools are looking for something different, do some research”. When asked about his feelings on moving onto college he said “Thank God…it’s about damn time…I did catch senioritis which I am nor proud of or ashamed of”. He ended with “I’m excited to meet new people”. His role model at Lincoln was Ms.K, the choir teacher. He wasn’t a part of choir at the start of his freshman year, but his sister convinced him to join Estetica and he said it “changed his life”. He hadn’t thought of his go-to meal yet, but he is going to explore the cafeteria on his first day. Adam thinks exercise is very important and hopes to work out as much as he eats but, studying always comes first.