A Thrilling First Win For The First Home Game


Cheerleaders are excited to commence the first home game of the year. They have their pom poms high in the air. August 30, 2019 at the Lincoln football field (Andrea Saldana/Lion Tales).

August 30th, 2019 the exciting beginning of the football season begins! Our Lincoln Varsity football team went up against Silver Creek High School. They’re both A-league teams, so a tense competition was soon to commence. 

Lincoln’s Band came in marching through the football field, playing their instruments loud and proud for everyone to hear. They made their way up the bleachers to settle into a section to play their instruments for the game. Their band director, Mike Gomez, was excited for his talented band to begin playing. 

For the national anthem, it was beautifully sung by the students in the Estetica choir group, led by Anne-Marie Katemopoulos, the former Choir teacher at Lincoln High School. In the stands people stood up for the national anthem, as well as for the cheerleaders, and football players. 

The cheerleaders were mainly on the sidelines, cheering for the Lincoln Lions on the field. Due to shipping and delivering issues with their cheer uniforms. The cheer coaches, Daija Borbon and Raquelle Gray, had to improvise and decided for the cheerleaders to instead wear their football team jersey’s as cheer uniforms. Nonetheless, they still looked fantastic, and it was also a great way to show support for their Lincoln Varsity football players who were on the field. They performed a set of cheers after every touchdown, or to cheer on for Lincoln’s defense. They were loud and filled with pride, especially when waving their pom poms in the air. 

At every Lincoln game you can always go behind the bleachers to purchase beverages, hot dogs, burgers, pizza, and other sorts of snacks. Lincoln students are often found helping out by being in charge of the cash register, handing out pizza slices, and organizing food inventory; and they of course benefit from it by getting community service hours. However, don’t forget who’s behind the burgers. Our own Lincoln parents help make the burgers and hot dogs for everyone in the stands. Jessica Martinez, secretary of the Athletic Booster Program, was willing to give me some information as to how she gets parents to come volunteer and how this helps the athletic programs at Lincoln. Jessica Martinez says, “I recruit family and friends to come help out, so that way all the proceeds can benefit the whole Athletic Booster Program.” 

It was half-time, meaning that our Lincoln Convertible’s (Lincoln’s Varsity dance team) and the Varsity cheerleaders were going to perform in front of the large crowd. The Varsity cheer team went to perform first, their routine was filled with high-energy choreography, and cool stunts that blew the audience away. The cheerleaders were having a great time performing, especially with all the cheers coming from the audience. After their performance, Convertible’s congratulated them for doing such a great job. It was now time for the Convertible’s to go on the football field and show off their amazing dancing skills. They performed a high up-beat jazz dance to the song, “I Just Got Paid” by Sigala, Meghan Trainor, French Montana, and Ella Eyre. There was even an awesome moment when Camillo Cervantes (a dancer on the Convertible’s) did a toe touch high in the air. They finished off strong and ended the half-time performance with the audience in awe. 

The Lincoln Varsity football team won against Silver Creek High School, the score being 28-26. Throughout the game the Lincoln lions were in the lead, securing the win. The team was thrilled that they won their first home game, and hope to win many more games in the future. 

Some students watching the game, gave the Lincoln Lion Tales reporter some insight as to how the game was for them. Samantha Plantado, a freshman, said, “The first home game was super fun, and it was a great way to hang out with friends and overall enjoy the start of my high school experience!” Jennifer Hernandez, a senior, said, “I got to perform for my first varsity football game as a Convertible and I had an amazing time with friends and got closer with them.” Destiny Quesada, a junior, said, “I had a blast at the first home game with my best friends, we joked around and took pictures all night. Definitely one for the books!”