First Time Ever: Three Dance Teams on One Field! (Special Guest: Willow Glen’s Hip-Hop Team)


Dancers surprising the audience with their jumps. The Lincoln Convertibles and Lincoln Performance Company were dancing halftime with special guest: Willow Glen High School. September 13, 2019 at the Lincoln Football Field (Emilia Kendrick/Lion Tales)

September 13, 2019 was the second home game at Lincoln against Willow Glen High School, but it wasn’t any regular home game: it was a blackout game. In the stands students dressed in all black in order for the stands to be “blacked out.” Members from Lincoln’s Band participated by wearing all black, and even the dancers from both Lincoln and Willow Glen. 

Special for this game in particular was the Lincoln Convertibles, Lincoln Performance Company (LPC), and Willow Glen’s Hip Hop Team all performing for Varsity’s half-time. This is the first time ever that another dance team from another school was invited to perform with the Lincoln dance teams for one of their games. 

Earlier that week, Willow Glen’s hip-hop team came to one of the practices with the Lincoln dance teams. They worked on choreography and formations, and were able to complete it all in one day! There were over 60 dancers, practicing together just for this performance. 

The three teams did a hip-hop dance to “Lean Back” by Terror Squad, Fat Joe, and Remy Ma. They wore all black to go along with the theme of the football game that night, and to distinguish which dancer belonged to which team, they wore different colored bandanas to represent their dance teams. Lincoln Convertible’s wore blue, Lincoln Performance Company (LPC) wore yellow, and Willow Glen’s Hip-Hop team wore red, each color represents their school colors. 

The crowd was surprised with the collaboration of different high schools joining together to perform a dance, and they couldn’t help but cheer along. 

Jenny Nguyen, a sophomore from the Willow Glen Hip-Hop dance team gave an insightful quote about her experience on collabing with the Lincoln High School dance teams, “Well at first I was honestly really nervous but once we actually started performing I felt fine. It was really fun to perform with y’all.”