New Teacher At Lincoln High School


Monica Lopez is a new Geography teacher at Lincoln High School for the 2019-2020 school year. (Isaiah Sedano / Lincoln Lion Tales)

Lincoln High School welcomes new teachers throughout the year, but these new teachers don’t get known throughout Lincoln. That’s where Lincoln Lion Tales come in, Lincoln Lion Tales is proud to introduce our new TWBI (Two-Way Bilingual Immersion) Geography and World History teacher Ms. Lopez. Ms. Lopez is from Southern California, Coachella Valley, but grew up in San Jose. Ms. Lopez attended UC San Diego, she has one sister and speaks a little Portuguese. She likes to watch Netflix and television and  hang out with friends and try new foods and dance. Lincoln Lion Tales asked Ms. Lopez, What are your thoughts coming to Lincoln, she said, “It seems like a very exciting place with lots of music and actions going on everyday and there is lots of diversity among our students.”


Ms. Lopez started her teaching career in teaching by starting at an elementary school teaching fourth through fifth graders. She told Lincoln Lion Tales, “ I always wanted to be a Spanish teacher but got a job at Lincoln High School is way much better.” Lincoln Lion Tales asked Ms. Lopez, What strategies you have to help students learn in your class, she  said, “ I try to give students another chance if they messed up the first time, I speak to all my students on what they’re missing and tell them what they need to work on, I am open to communication with my students.” 


Lincoln Lion Tales asked Ms. Lopez, any pressure you might feel in the future, she said, “I’m worried about grades and finals, all the tests my students have to take, I need to make them feel complete in class.” Overall Ms. Lopez is a fun and an exciting teacher, she is one of the coolest teachers Lincoln Lion Tales had interviewed. So stop by room 804 at the portables and welcome Ms. Lopez to Lincoln. At the end of the interview Lincoln Lion Tales asked her, what advice would you give a new teacher at Lincoln, she said, “Take it easy, take it day by day, and remember the good moments in teaching, it’s ok to live in your classroom.”