Viva Calle Returns: Park to Roses

Viva CalleSJ event art picture taken by reporter and photographer Laiyla Santillan.

Welcoming all residents of San Jose to take a little adventure with families and friends, Viva Calle San Jose is an annual event with no entrance fee that takes place on September 23, from 10 A.M. to 3 PM. San Jose first joined the ‘open-streets’ movement with Viva Calle in 2015.

Viva CalleSj event picture taken by reporter and photgrapher Laiyla Santillan.
Viva CalleSJ Map from the website

Around six miles of streets in San Jose were closed off  in order to allow residents to safely enjoy biking, skating, family activities, art, or even a relaxed amble through the streets. The cheerful laughter of children could be heard at stops in Viva Calle, including: Municipal Rose Garden, the Arena Garden, and Backesto Park, where children could enjoy racing in hamster balls, rock climbing, and many more activities. “The overall atmosphere of the event was very energetic,” Laiyla Santillan, a fellow Lincoln Lion Tales Journalist says, “There was live music playing in the background, many food trucks, and several booths set up.”

Some Lincoln students from the mattress fundraiser also joined in on the event while promoting mattress sales to other San Jose residents. Despite the warm weather, participants of Viva Calle San Jose certainly had a wonderful time enjoying themselves.