New Science Teacher On Campus


Deborah Shelton is a new Biology/Chemistry teacher at Lincoln High School for the year 2019-2020. (Isaiah Sedano / Lincoln Lion Tales)

Lincoln High School likes to introduce the new Science teacher Ms. Shelton. Ms. Shelton teaches Biology and Chemistry.  She grew up In Atlanta Georgia and attended Wake Forest University. She has two siblings, a brother that lives in San Jose and a sister that lives in Texas and a dog named Buckley. On her personal time Ms. Shelton likes to spend time outdoors. She likes to go hiking, bird watching, and scuba diving. Lincoln Lion Tales asked Ms. Shelton, How do you like teaching so far, Ms. Shelton said, “So far so good, I like it a lot, there’s always interesting things going on in my classroom.


Ms. Shelton started her career at a credential Program at San Jose University for teachers, She attended for two years. Lincoln Lion Tales asked what were your thoughts coming to Lincoln, Ms. Shelton said, “I was just super excited about the co-workers, I know some of them, I like the huge classroom I got and I’m happy to work with cool co-workers”.  Lincoln Lion Tales also asked, Any pressure you might feel in the future teaching, she said, “I feel it’s an important job, and I need to give the best lessons, I don’t feel pressured”.


Lincoln Lion Tales asked Ms. Shelton what strategies do you have to help students learn in your classroom, she said, “I have warm-ups and a lot of different ways to check in with students, I have them write on white board and I try to do a mixture of activities in my class”. Ms. Shelton is wonderful and one of the nicest teachers at Lincoln, so stop by room 74 and welcome Ms. Shelton to Lincoln High School. At the end of our interview we asked Ms. Shelton, What advice would you give a new Teacher at Lincoln, she said, “Try to meet as many people as you can and get to know the staff”.