Math Club! The Only Club That Counts


Math Club poster with hilarious caption. Poster was made to promote the club. Poster was made by Jaron Zamora.

Lincoln High School has the perfect place to get all your math homework done and even get help with those annoying formulas and algorithms. Every Wednesday and Thursday after school, Math Club is hosted in Mr. Chen’s classroom, in room 812, where students can find a place to sit and work on assignments and even get help from tutors. The club is advised by three intelligent current math teachers at Lincoln: Mr. Chen, Mr. Oshiro, and Mr. Ishimoto. They’re known for teaching advanced math courses at Lincoln, such as accelerated algebra two, pre-calculus honors, AP statistics, AP calculus AB, and BC. 

Jaron Zamora helping out Lucinda Wolcott complete her pre-calculus homework. Math Club meets every Wednesday and Thursday. September 23, 2019 at Lincoln High School in Mr. Chen’s classroom (Andrea Saldana/Lion Tales).

If you ask any student taking an advanced math course, they will agree that it can be difficult completing homework and studying for big tests. However, Math Club is a great resource for students to get help and get some work done for their math classes. Not only do they help after school, Math club helps before school! Student athletes who aren’t meeting grades go to credit recovery during zero period, Mr. Phillips invites Math club tutors to come in during zero period and help with those students who need extra help.

The club’s board members are all seniors, they joined Math Club the year before as tutors and have been committed to the club ever since. President, Alvyn Sanchez, is currently taking a multivariable calculus course at Evergreen Valley College.Vice presidents, Collin Oakes, currently taking AP calculus AB and Jose Martinez Norberto, currently taking AP calculus BC. Kalyn Wong, is the secretary of the club and is currently taking AP calculus AB. The club’s treasurer, Henry Wasilko, is currently taking AP Statistics, it’s also his second year as treasurer for the club. 

Besides the board members there are more tutors in Math Club that are available to help anyone with their math homework such as: Ashton Chung, Guzel Abdubek, Mathew Lavin, Gibson Davis, and Jasper Hawkins who are all juniors and will presumably take over next year as Math Club’s 2020-21 board members.

Some senior tutors are: Kiara Stromberg, Jaron Zamora, Isabella Story, Javier Rivera.

Kiara Stromberg and Kalyn Wong getting work done! They are both in advanced math courses. September 23, 2019 at Lincoln High School in Mr. Chen’s classroom (Andrea Saldana/Lion Tales).

While interviewing Mr. Chen, a former math teacher at Lincoln, I asked him as to what or who inspired the creation of the club. He went on to say that a “student, Veronica Rodriguez, asked me if she could start a math club. I then proceeded to ask her as to why, and she said that she wanted to tutor other students and give back to the community. I thought it was a great idea, so she then started it about four years ago.”

Collin Oakes tutoring Richard Young with pre-calculus homework. Math club meets every Wednesday and Thursday

Math Club isn’t just a club dedicated to tutoring students and providing a space for students to do their math homework, but it is also a way for students to interact with each other and provide support to others who need it. When interviewing the vice-president of Math Club, Jose Martinez Norberto, a senior, I asked him as to why he decided to become a tutor. He replied with, “I wanted to put my free time to good use and help others who I know who needed that extra help and that actually wanted me to help them.” As to him wanting to become a board member of the club, he then proceeded to say, “I wanted to be able to make a difference in Math Club, I wanted to set the example for other members of the club who want to later run for my position, and understand what it takes to have a great club and motivate others to continue on the purpose of the club.” 

Jose Martinez Norberto helping out Hailey Guerrero with pre-calculus homework. Jose Martinez Nobel is the Vice President of Math Club. September 23, 2019 at Lincoln High School in Mr. Chen’s classroom (Andrea Saldana/Lion Tales).

So if you’re struggling with math or looking for the perfect place to do work, consider Math Club as your go to spot. Mr. Chen himself recommends Math Club, “to anybody who needs help, they should come! Our tutors are bilingual and are really nice and they want other students to excel in math.”