Impeachment: Why does it matter and how does it affect Lincoln high School Students?

At Lincoln high school, the impeachment trial doesn’t sound as important as it is. Regarding its major importance within our nation’s government, teenagers tend to not be involved with politics as much as adults. A safe assumption to make is that minors are less interested in political news because they aren’t able to vote, therefore they portray very little emotion around politics. Also, a valid point to implement would be that kids are influenced by their guardians as to what political belief they should support, ultimately causing a lack of need to have a better understanding of anything political.

As Donald Trump’s impeachment trial goes on more students seem to care, less and less about politics and their surroundings. This historic event that had happened just 3 times in the U.S. history seems to be relevant to most of the kids at Lincoln. In this school, in which approximately 75% of the students are involved in extracurricular activities there is no time to waste….As Edgar Uribe, a Senior at Lincoln High School said, “ I’m not into politics”. In the same way  Grabriela Garcia, a Junior said,“I do care, but I haven’t had any time to follow up with it.. It influences my life in a non direct way”. Some students at Lincoln are into politics these days and don’t really care what happens around the world, While others do care and are aware of how that would affect them but don’t really have the time to invest on it.

However, the younger population of Lincoln High School Students have different thoughts about the Impeachment. For example, Isabella, a sophomore said, “I think it is important, I watch the news frequently to keep out with it and I also think it influences my life.” At the same time Mathew, a freshmen said, “I do care, I think he should because he deserves it.”

At Lincoln high school the younger population seems to care and know more information about impeachment than the older one. This is due to the factors that as you get older, you have more responsibilities and duties to be made, which makes you unaware of others problems but yours.

But, why is this so important?

Since impeachment is a process in which a legislative body level charges against a highly ranked government official, with the  charges of treason, bribery and high level crimes. The Constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole power to impeach an  official, and it makes the Senate go towards impeachment trials.So, basically the Senate has the authority to remove the President and others high ranking Politicians of the United States from office.

In case that the actual president Donald J.Trump is impeached and taken out of office by the Senate, he could be taken away from the opportunity of a reelection in 2020. Which could influence in  a direct and indirect way the life of millions of Americans and foreigners living in the country, because even though he had done some good things for the Country as the rising of economic growth and the decreasing unemployment; he also had done very bad things. For example the sexist behavior that he had shown throughout his presidency, or the incentivisation to  racism through developing stricter immigration laws and requirements or the fact he have also motivated a lot of unnecessary attacks in the Midwest killing thousands of innocent people.”

This could also benefit some Lincoln students who are immigrants seeking for a better future, with no legal papers, in having more hope in going to college. Since they won’t be  afraid that the DACA program would be prohibited in any minute or that they would be sent back to their countries due to new foreigners policies.


The oldest generations (Juniors and Seniors) of Lincoln high school don’t show that much interest towards politics. Since they are unaware of how that would affect them as a teenager in high school and as a young adult in college, while the other half know what impact or effect  would have impeachment socially, politically and economically in U.S. and our society.

Impeachment decides the future of our country, people can decide if that future is right or wrong.