Impeachment: Lincoln’s Thoughts on the Trial

Trump’s Impeachment has been at the forefront of political news. The real question is how does that affect our campus. After asking a couple of students here at Lincoln it became apparent that those select few didn’t care or follow the trial. According to those students it didn’t matter to them because they didn’t believe it would happen and or affect them. 

Looking into past impeachments they have every right to think that way. In the past neither President Johnson or President Clinton were found guilty and then removed from office. Due to this pattern people believe that the same will apply for Trump. 

Another pattern in the history of impeachment within America is that the party that initiates the trial loses power and popularity within the country. So for all the democrats, this trial will not end in your favor if this trial follows previous patterns. 

Anything can happen with this process. As it doesn’t happen often and there are no apparent set in stone rules for it, there is nothing to say it won’t follow previous patterns or go in a different direction. 

While knowing this it is to be expected that the students here are not concerned with the trial as it doesn’t directly affect them. This is slightly saddening as it means that not everyone pays attention to the happenings of the United States government as some of them will vote in this year’s election season. 

One person that we talked to said that they didn’t care because the next election was less than a year away so even if Trump was removed from office the change in leadership wouldn’t be long lasting. 

Overall It appears that a majority of Lincoln is not interested in Trump’s Impeachment. Students can have many different reasons for thinking this way but one consistent thing said was that it wasn’t going to affect them so they didn’t care. Obviously like everything in a community there are going to be people who differ in opinions. However, this article was based on a group of people who were interviewed and have these opinions.