Will Varsity Girls Soccer Make it to CCS?


Lincoln girls Varsity soccer playing against Prospect High School. Located at Prospect High School football field (Andrea Saldana).

Lincoln girls soccer teams have been doing great this season, they’ve had a winning season so far for junior varsity and varsity teams. Junior varsity now has a new coach, Nuno Luz, a current Spanish teacher at Lincoln High School. Carly Casanova Moore, a freshman, is currently on the junior varsity soccer team; Lion Tales asked Casanova about how the team is doing and she mentioned that, “we’ve definitely improved from when we all started and we lost a couple of players, gained a couple of players so we have all just adapted to it.”

As for varsity, they’ve been succeeding in their games for the first half of the season, coming in strong for the second half. However, what has led to this success? Lion Tales went ahead and interviewed Kaylyn Wong, a senior, who has been playing on the Lincoln soccer team for all of her four years, and wanted to know how the season has been and what’s new for the team this season. She stated that, “This year is really new because our league has now changed to three divisions four…We’re in an A league and basically what this has done is just shorten the amount of games in the regular season.” As for the season, Wong stated that so far into the season everything has been great and for being a new team that there has been a lot of improvement within the team. Wong was also asked as to her predictions of the season and she mentioned that, “I was nervous, since now I’m a senior and this is my last season, I was hoping that everything would go well, but I was definitely nervous because we did have to replace a lot of people, but I was pleasantly surprised and I’m really happy on how the season has been going on so far.” 

Varsity has won every game except for when they went up against Prospect and Branham High School, but since those games they have been sweeping the competition. Compared to last year, the girls are definitely winning more, they’ve been experimenting a lot with formations and the players have been trying out new positions since the team is really new, with most of the players being underclassmen. For their formations Wong clarified that during games they usually do a “four four three system, so four defenders, three midfielders, three forwards, and this year we have been experimenting a lot with our midfield, since it is really brand new we’ve got players who are transitioning from playing forward to trying mid field so it’s been trial and error, but I think we have it to the point where it can be effective in the mid field which helps control the flow of the game.”

As for the teams goals and where they want to go, Wong said that, “the goal for any team is to make CCS or have a winning season, we already have a winning season, but to make CCS would be nice and I think we could do it, there’s definitely some good teams out there that are challenging, but our team is good, I believe in us, I believe in the players that we have.” Lion Tales then asked as to what will it take to make CCS and she said, “focus and having the right mindset during games and wanting to go out and give your one-hundred percent no matter what and I think that is really important and if we want to get there then we’re going to have to give our 100 percent each game.” 

There’s no doubt that this team will go far. One of their players Kennedy Schoennauer, a freshman, is currently number one in the league for most goals, with over thirty goals in the season. Other than their individual accomplishments, the varsity girls play as a team and are willing to do anything in order to see the team succeed. According to Wong she said that, “we really do play as a team and obviously we do have individual positions and there are players who wanna score and everyone wants that, but I think we’re really good at teamwork, working together and our ultimate goal is to win a game not have that individual glory. So despite our desires and preferences, I think we’re really good at working together in our passing and making sure we’re getting those goals to get the end result that we all want.”