Tough Game Between Lincoln and Willow Glen


Girls varsity basketball team huddling up. Located at the Lincoln Gym (Isaiah Sedano).

On February 4, 2020 Lincoln’s varsity girls basketball had their first game of the month against their biggest competitor: Willow Glen High School. “FWEET!” The whistle blows and Willow Glen wins the jump ball to start the first quarter. Willow Glen misses and Lincoln gets the first points to start the quarter 2-0. Both teams are playing as hard as they can, both teams missing a couple of shots. “BZZ”, Willow leads the first quarter 13-9, Lincoln trailing by four. The whistle blows, Lincoln starts with the ball. Both teams score back to back making great plays, 13-24 Lincoln trailing by eleven. Yamilka Frometa scores a three-pointer, Lincoln plays great defense by stealing the ball and scoring another three-pointer. Lincoln back in the game trailing by five. Willow misses, Lincoln gets the defensive rebound and draws the foul, Lincoln hits one shot and misses the other. Lincoln trailing by four, 20-24. With a minute left to go, Willow now scoring twice, 20-28, shot clock winding down, Lincoln’s bench counts down the last eight seconds, Lincoln shoot from deep, “BZZ”, Lincoln hits the buzzer beater to end the first half, 23-28, Lincoln trailing by five.

Halftime is over, Lincoln gets the ball to start the second half. Lincoln scores 25-28. Both teams play well in the third quarter, two minutes left on the clock, Yamilka Frometa drives, and goes for the basket, and makes the shot third quarter ends 28-39, Lincoln trailing by eleven. The fourth quarter starts and this time Willow Glen gets the ball to start. During the fourth quarter, Lincoln goes all out making plays and getting more aggressive on defense, fourth quarter ends and Lincoln out scores Willow 20-14 in the fourth. “BZZ” end of game, final score is 45-53, Willow takes the win. After the game, Lion Tales had the chance to talk to Lincoln’s head coach for the girls varsity basketball team, Coach Rich. Lion Tales asked as to what Rich’s thoughts on the game, he said, “Willow is the best team in the league, they’re going to be league champs, we fought back as much as we could and lost only by eight, and we played the best team so we did do a fantastic job, I’m proud of my team.”